[Scummvm-cvs-logs] scummvm-web master -> a097d5904c1060c740c9dbce21d21fb4b14f3580

Strangerke Strangerke at scummvm.org
Wed Nov 11 21:07:11 CET 2015

This automated email contains information about 1 new commit which have been
pushed to the 'scummvm-web' repo located at https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm-web .

a097d5904c WEB: Fix typo in BVBS news item

Commit: a097d5904c1060c740c9dbce21d21fb4b14f3580
Author: Strangerke (strangerke at scummvm.org)
Date: 2015-11-11T21:02:16+01:00

Commit Message:
WEB: Fix typo in BVBS news item

Changed paths:

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