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dreammaster dreammaster at scummvm.org
Sun Feb 19 14:14:01 CET 2017

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a30d74a3c9 TITANIC: Make CCarry fields private where appropriate

Commit: a30d74a3c9a1fe044b78fc682f4b9fc4f4fec088
Author: Paul Gilbert (dreammaster at scummvm.org)
Date: 2017-02-19T08:13:52-05:00

Commit Message:
TITANIC: Make CCarry fields private where appropriate

Changed paths:

diff --git a/engines/titanic/carry/carry.h b/engines/titanic/carry/carry.h
index edfc8a7..e9069da 100644
--- a/engines/titanic/carry/carry.h
+++ b/engines/titanic/carry/carry.h
@@ -43,16 +43,17 @@ class CCarry : public CGameObject {
 	bool MoveToStartPosMsg(CMoveToStartPosMsg *msg);
 	bool EnterViewMsg(CEnterViewMsg *msg);
 	bool PassOnDragStartMsg(CPassOnDragStartMsg *msg);
 	int _unused5;
 	CString _doesNothingMsg;
 	CString _doesntWantMsg;
-	Point _centroid;
 	int _unusedR, _unusedG, _unusedB;
 	int _itemFrame;
 	CString _unused6;
 	int _enterFrame;
 	bool _enterFrameSet;
+	Point _centroid;
 	int _visibleFrame;
 	CString _npcUse;

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