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bgK bastien.bouclet at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 19:46:48 CEST 2017

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13fa1b22a2 MOHAWK: Only disable videos when turning off the prison viewer

Commit: 13fa1b22a20966f3ddbcb9b2a5e48e7232250239
Author: Bastien Bouclet (bastien.bouclet at gmail.com)
Date: 2017-07-04T19:43:32+02:00

Commit Message:
MOHAWK: Only disable videos when turning off the prison viewer

Closing them was causing a crash when using the lake viewer since there
is nothing to load back the lake video. Fixes Trac#9892.

Changed paths:

diff --git a/engines/mohawk/riven_stacks/gspit.cpp b/engines/mohawk/riven_stacks/gspit.cpp
index 5c36e88..1e3441a 100644
--- a/engines/mohawk/riven_stacks/gspit.cpp
+++ b/engines/mohawk/riven_stacks/gspit.cpp
@@ -486,7 +486,7 @@ void GSpit::xglview_prisonoff(const ArgumentArray &args) {
 	// Play the 'turn off' movie after stopping any videos still playing
-	_vm->_video->closeVideos();
+	_vm->_video->disableAllMovies();
 	RivenVideo *video = _vm->_video->openSlot(5);

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