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Tue Jul 23 03:43:53 CEST 2002

Patches item #585204, was opened at 2002-07-22 20:43
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Category: None
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Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: dewt (mncl)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: new zaurus patch for cvs version.

Initial Comment:
an update to my previous patch.

### a mostly copied desc from the other patch

Patch for sharp zaurus.
a patch to allow scummvm to work on the sharp zaurus
pda. This should also work on the ipaq running qtopia
or opie, of course the ipaq doens't have a cool keyboard.

Thorsten Scheuermann did most of the initial work and
released his modified source on his web page. I wrapped
his changes around ifdef QTOPIA's so it wont affect
other compile targets. I also made the input more
zaurus friendly, I remapped the following buttons:

Menu key(f9) ---> f5 (scumm menu)
button in the center of the arrow keys --> tab (default
keyboard tab --> space (pause)
Fn+backspace --> quit

summary per file:

main.cpp :

dont undef main for qtopia.


those xfree's cause bus errors.


input remapped for qtopia. someone check this out to
see if it can be less ugly.


the changes shouldn't affect other compile targets. 


if you're building this make sure the SDL you're
compiling against was compiled with --enable-cdrom,
also the current libSDL ipk available from
zauruszone.com/feed has x and y mouse input crossed,
please use another sdl ipk, or compile your own. 

sound appears to work identically to sdl/x11 linux
version except for some minor sound pops here and there. 

libmad support works, as long as you get it compiled
right, my first try made really scratchy music.

clicking on the extreme borders can cause input to lock
up, my guess is it's and SDL problem.

clicking on the screen will jump the cursor but your
character will  sometimes perform an action where the
mouse cursor was before you clicked: annoying, but not

i think this is due to it thinking you have the mouse
button pressed down when you doubleclick on the screen
-- maybe some of the wince ifdefs in scummvm.cpp are a
solution to a similar input problem, who would i ask
about that?


I was able to complete day of the tentacle, and am
working my way through monkey island 2 right now.

Almost successes:

i mounted the dig cdrom over nfs and tried to run it
but it kept saying it was out of ram before it would
display anything =(


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