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Sat Oct 12 19:53:42 CEST 2002

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Status: Open
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Priority: 5
Submitted By: Jamieson Christian (jamieson630)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: SAM: do_command(256) implementation

Initial Comment:
This patch implements the Sam & Max interpretation of 
do_command(256). This command queries for the last 
encountered marker ID, as set by SysEx code 0.

This command is used mostly during the opening 
credits to cue each page of credits to the music, thus 
causing the credits to span the music in full. It is also 
used by the credits to wait until the end of the music 
before switching rooms to the office scene.

SysEx code 0 implements triggered commands 
specified by do_command(17), ImSetTrigger. This 
modification also causes the SysEx response to store 
its marker ID *if* no triggered event is already cued.

This business of using the marker ID to identify how far 
the music has progressed is used, to my knoweldge, 
only during the opening credits. I'm not sure if it's 
appropriate to be storing the marker ID in the same slot 
as used by ImSetTrigger (since if both are used one or 
the other won't work), but I've tested most of the stops in 
Sam & Max (the more musically complicated ones, 
anyway), and I haven't found any case where this 
actually causes unexpected behavior.

Finally, this patch makes a small change to 
do_command(14), by preventing a volume fade from 
occurring if the time-to-fade is 0. I only did this because 
there is a deferred command showing up outside the 
Ball of Twine that attempts to do a volume fade, but with 
invalid parameters. The result is that the music gets 
faded to 0 instantly, and is never heard from again. Until 
this patch, the tracks weren't jumping around properly at 
all, and this problem never had a chance to manifest 
itself. I can't tell whether do_command(14) or the 
deferred command mechanism is not implemented 
properly. I'll be taking a closer look at that. In the 
meantime, this change does not affect any other 
observed occurrence of do_command(14).

This patch completes the array of fixes needed to make 
the opening cutscene, opening credits, and seamless 
transition to the office scene work perfectly. Knock on 


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