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Category: None
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Status: Open
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Priority: 5
Submitted By: Jamieson Christian (jamieson630)
Assigned to: Max Horn (fingolfin)
Summary: Scaler mods for MSVC6

Initial Comment:
The attached patch modifies the new template 

foundation for several scalers (including HQ) to avoid 

compile-time errors from the non-template-friendly 

MSVC6. The two primary changes:

* Avoided the use of template structs, which MSVC6 

does not recognize at all.

* Avoided using the same name for template and non-

template functions (which MAKE_WRAPPER was doing), 

since MSVC6 ignores the template functions in such 

cases. (This resulted in the non-template function 

calling ITSELF by mistake, thus an endless recursion and 

eventual stack fault.)

Note that these changes allow the code to COMPILE 

under MSVC6, and the scalers to activate without 

crashing ScummVM. However, the visual output does 

NOT appear correct from an MSVC6 build, which 

indicates other problems in MSVC6's interpretation of the 

templates. I will see about attaching screenshots of the 

trouble scalers to demonstrate. Since I have no 

understanding of our scalers, I wouldn't even know 

where MSVC might be goofing up the template 


(BTW, Fingolfin, once I circumvented the same-function-

name problem, I did get MSVC6 to quit ignoring the 

template structs. Hence, I *was* able to verify that this 

code compiles, at least on MSVC6, and that it runs the 

scalers without crashing.)


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