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Category: Unknown Crash/Other
Group: Full Throttle
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: CrossBow (crossbow777)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Crashes to ScummVM console

Initial Comment:
This seems to be 100% reproducable. Basically as 
some points in the game, the game will crash to the 
ScummVM Console with an error about failing to start 
some sound. These problems only started with the CVS 
build of 8.0 currently. I have tested the lastes CVS from 
August 16 and it still happens. This problem doesn't 
occur on the stable release 7.1.

Full Throttle (English, 1st release)
ScummVM CVS 8.0 (Aug 15 & 16 builds)
Windows32 binary

example: I had it crash to the console at the beginning 
when I grab the bartenders nose ring. I can see the 
animation of the bartender getting pulled down, but just 
as Ben would deliver his line "The bar..." the console 
pops up and kills the game. I have managed to use older 
save states from release 7.1 and have replicated it at the 
gas tower upon fleeing with the gas, and also at Todd's 
trailer if you knock on the door. Just as Todd 
says "Who's there..." I can see the text for it..but it will 
crash. I have copied the entire contents of the CD to my 
FT directly and know the game works since version 7.1 
doesn't exhibit any issues with this game at all. But the 
CVS builds are nothing but trouble. See what you guys 
can find out as I am shocked I am the only person to 
encounter this with Full Throttle.


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