[ scummvm-Bugs-1424637 ] puttcircus segmentation fault

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Sun Feb 5 17:58:54 CET 2006

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Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Eric (ezwrighter)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: puttcircus segmentation fault

Initial Comment:
I cannot get puttcircus to run correctly. It does not
get past the intro screens.

The log file is too large to upload(even compressed) so
I have attached the end section below.


puttcircus.HE0  ab0693e9324cfcf498fdcbb12acf8bb4
puttcircus.(a)  2efc1faef85c78dbfe91d46fcc26a3ec
puttcircus.he2  320a3bca28c8c30ad7aeff74f24ced2e
puttcircus.HE4  9c01311b009b0b1b65735beb51eb526a

Let me know if there is any other info necessary.

End Portion of log:

Script 2054, offset 0x1258: [6C] o6_breakHere()
getResourceAddress(RoomImage,3) == 0A6D8084
findResource(PAMB, a6d8096)
copyVirtScreenBuffers: Left 0 Right 640 Top 0 Bottom 480
findResource(PAMB, a6d8096)
drawWizImage(resNum 129, x1 34 y1 12 flags 0x0 zorder 0
shadow 0 field_390 0 dstResNum 0 palette 0)
getResourceAddress(Image,129) == 0A71E92C
heFindResource(HZIW, a71e92c)
wiz_header.comp = 1 wiz_header.w = 368 wiz_header.h = 184
heFindResource(DZIW, a71e92c)
heFindResource(SNRT, a71e92c)
copyVirtScreenBuffers: Left 34 Right 402 Top 12 Bottom 196
copyVirtScreenBuffers: Left 6400 Right 7040 Top 5149
Bottom 5280
getResourceAddress(Matrix,2) == NULL
getResourceAddress(Matrix,2) == NULL
getResourceAddress(Image,138) == 0A723214
findResource(PAMX, a723214)
Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)


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