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Submitted By: Marc Sola (gustavejr)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Graphics : 2XPM

Initial Comment:

2XPM, based on the Scale2X idea, analyzes any pixel
relation with its eight neighbouring pixels, to guess
some diagonal lines and rounded edges and apply the
obtained information in the four resulting pixels.

There are two versions of this scaler, HQ and LQ.

HQ is the "full-featured" version, its main purpose is
to enhance image quality, withouth worrying about CPU
usage. It uses different levels of alpha-blending to
enhance image quality when necessary.

LQ is the low-quality version, which detects most of
the lines detected in HQ, making it faster but the
resulting image will be more pixelated. Also,
alpha-blends are limited to 50% only, which is
optimized. LQ aims for speed, HQ aims for image quality.

The programmer of this scaler says that it's a
work-in-progress and unfortunately he hasn't developed
a 16 bit version of the scaler, I am sure you guys can
work around with it.

If you have any other inquiries, e-mail him at
pjmedina3 at yahoo.com with the subject 2XPM.


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