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Category: GUI
Group: All Games
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Private: No
Submitted By: luzi200 (luzi200)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: mouse bug in landscape-mode v0.x.0

Initial Comment:
ScummVM (latest version 0.x.0) starts in landscape mode and I hold the PPC in landscape mode. If I move the stylus on the display left-right, the mouse cursor moves up-down but only when I move the stylus over the left side of the display. When I move the pen up-down, the mouse cursor moves left-right. It's always the same, if I start PocketScumm from portrait-mode it switches automatically to landscape-mode. If I start PS from landscape-mode it stays in landscape, but switches the today-screen back to portrait mode after quit. I put the two txt-files. They don't differ, in every display-mode they are the same.


SDL: Version $Rev: 41 $ bootstrapping GAPI device
SDL: Device is portrait, OS version 5.1 build 422
SDL: orientation 0
SDL: Starting video access detection --->
SDL: System 240x320
SDL: Checking for GAPI
SDL: GAPI OK, 320x240, H=2 V=640, 16bpp, landscape false
SDL: Trying Ozone
SDL: Running on Ozone
SDL: Ozone 320x240
SDL: Running true Ozone with stylus hack
SDL: <----- Detection finished. Running on Ozone driver at 320x240 (real 240, 320), using ARM accelerated blitter


Using configuration file: scummvm.ini
Sound opened OK, mixing at 11025 Hz
Lost mouse focus.
Got mouse focus.


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