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Submitted By: John Walker (thunderpeel2001)
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Summary: INDY3: IQ Points support

Initial Comment:
This is definitely the third time I have added this... but for some reason it keeps disappearing. Not "deleted" (you can search deleted items), totally, totally gone. No idea why. Would love an explanation!

Feature request: IQ Points in INDY3. Believe it or not, these little beauties add a lot to the game. They were designed so that a player could play through the game several times and solve puzzles in different ways... and get rewarded for doing so!

Because of this, it requires a savefile outside of the normal set of save files (originally a file called "IQ-POINT"). This file would be updated every time a player saved or loaded a game. It basically kept a tally of the player's attempt at scoring the most amount of "points" by replaying the game and solving all the puzzles in as many different ways as possible.

There were two sets of points, one charting the amount a player had scored in their current game (known as the EPISODE SCORE) and one "ticking off" each time they solved a puzzle for the first time (known as the SERIES SCORE). It's the latter that we're interested in.

Think of it as an old form of the "Achievements" system on XBox 360s.

I imagine it would take a fair amount of work in order to make this feature functional, but I hope not an impossible amount, as it would be great to see them added to ScummVM.

Thanks for your time!


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