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Wed Jun 8 23:51:32 CEST 2011

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Category: MD5 checksums / Detector
Group: Kyrandia 1
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Private: No
Submitted By: Theruler76 (theruler76)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: [KYRA] LOL support for italian fan translation

Initial Comment:
Since LOL is now supported by the engine, I'd like to submit the italian fan translation of the CD version.

ScummVM 1.4.0git925-g7ea4583 (Jun  7 2011 10:50:08)
Features compiled in: Vorbis FLAC MP3 RGB zLib 
Lands of Lore Italian fan version translated from the original English CD version

This is the output of scummvm:
The game in 'c:\_ScummVM\Giochi\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\' seems to be unknown.
Please, report the following data to the ScummVM team along with name
of the game you tried to add and its version/language/etc.:
  {"VOC.PAK", 0, "eb398f09ba3321d872b6174a68a987d9", 2276340},
  {"L01.PAK", 0, "898485c0eb7bb4403fdd63bf5191f37e", 73317},
  {"GENERAL.PAK", 0, "05a4f588fb81dc9c0ef1f2ec20d89e24", 1225033},

here the complete md5 report of the files (calculated with md5deep):

c6939c13cbf32a12b1e0efef2f79db2c  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\00.tlk offset 0-1048575
d93674967d58b1c679ca415638c2bb2e  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\01.tlk offset 0-1048575
ab488dfd12078dede32908d13c490006  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\02.tlk offset 0-1048575
c22fe35d8def5215fe88be9a5e9bb022  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\03.tlk offset 0-1048575
affa89e359742d665e4e5086e309abcf  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\04.tlk offset 0-1048575
86c800d4ea4cd90c97d43b23a5ef1241  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\05.tlk offset 0-438217
363ae5a996c85c2330fd1df9f86f1610  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\06.tlk offset 0-1035258
673cd902d385986e5c23a19f6bdb5cb3  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\07.tlk offset 0-1048575
917ac31326680a91cbf7bce7ceee6ed5  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\08.tlk offset 0-1048575
56681721a01ddcc5cf790fb9436f97ce  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\09.tlk offset 0-350311
b0e91ecc24b2be8253d4de97ff2131ad  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\10.tlk offset 0-1048575
3f4787b172afa45f4a33713b70989063  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\11.tlk offset 0-1048575
118230bcd074ddd3f7121bc955f2b78b  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\12.tlk offset 0-1048575
e21cdc360a51b2d542b8501c2cb2ea99  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\13.tlk offset 0-739365
ae06cb02895523021341509278f7434b  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\14.tlk offset 0-1048575
8ae6746f16d05d8ba288c95e7dc4924f  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\15.tlk offset 0-1048575
6208bfadadb9aa78c7fa8c407ec5a168  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\16.tlk offset 0-866791
3460c1f02c4f03f50d0f6b30784179b9  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\17.tlk offset 0-1048575
96d5b9b9468a86430e4e2e4ddfcf0102  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\18.tlk offset 0-1048575
8f05b60540eb3f675764fdea428a1a87  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\19.tlk offset 0-593389
65c09155e7f653d5a649caab872d485b  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\20.tlk offset 0-703223
c7453c9e85a9ad34800b907ea08d2506  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\21.tlk offset 0-868997
e90314d2cfdaadf25836ce45a9cfc465  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\22.tlk offset 0-1048575
eab0d64eeb8c40a846f9635fd42bc2f0  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\23.tlk offset 0-1048575
4aa5008d53a6d480baf9662b6af98391  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\24.tlk offset 0-1048575
535afb828770451c447ad82e991564d8  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\25.tlk offset 0-14040
91672a645e07a37de02dc797abb85ca7  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\26.tlk offset 0-1048575
047889eb78a94eebd0ecd74d5238f2d6  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\27.tlk offset 0-1048575
ddf279f0f4d8a4268530517c869e9923  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\28.tlk offset 0-1048575
fcb9b0919001b00a8819a77e49178706  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\29.tlk offset 0-1048575
acc7af157680e5e078b37d21a98f0619  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\catwalk.pak offset 0-116274
761988fbfa247d3a9a1ede553c8076e9  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\cave1.pak offset 0-122923
fa3035f11fd3d423d7a171eedc1dc32d  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\cimmeria.pak offset 0-114387
c975df2ec45287018e18ffe2785c3861  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\drivers.pak offset 0-41705
43d9cc76e9a6afebf6ba37e0eaf08ae7  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\filedata.fdt offset 0-39940
0db95c5f992a013076518a5fbb7bcef9  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\forest1.pak offset 0-113588
05a4f588fb81dc9c0ef1f2ec20d89e24  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\general.pak offset 0-1048575
576ded0fa6827c76c957fff163d9c227  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\keep.pak offset 0-69044
898485c0eb7bb4403fdd63bf5191f37e  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l01.pak offset 0-73316
2993b805ff72994ccf1d7ad1ede184ef  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l02.pak offset 0-78122
42983123e1434c7316d50111dea8ae75  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l03.pak offset 0-30491
7f9bfc5acb2984139d33e8ab7509aa1d  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l04.pak offset 0-56628
4c1122f3d2628b7a1b0b6bfc145db0ef  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l05.pak offset 0-11430
c4fc391deb6cbfeb3da22d8ee8127c04  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l06.pak offset 0-70885
38746b52bc096edf64b7bc2c1409dfd2  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l07.pak offset 0-44961
a404e339cc9265873c50747ecd1a1e11  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l08.pak offset 0-62170
9c3364883455a313c06678944c21c3d9  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l09.pak offset 0-36489
a7fa8679a4a7e96bba3cf7a2bcf4ce3b  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l10.pak offset 0-62401
c9f304f9ab8cc72477b9284019b2f313  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l11.pak offset 0-106485
4f914fe08b0b10971b430ab6adfae06b  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l12.pak offset 0-71267
3ace6e0afe0496febd7bbd5abbf902a9  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l13.pak offset 0-42925
b1c0b657e68ce5f91adc17569db18e0d  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l14.pak offset 0-43688
9e1c0a3c9febd215bf16f98f05b3a7ad  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l15.pak offset 0-71183
93fd433912c5369c1c5d5b548e99658f  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l16.pak offset 0-17568
c5db4616e22af8ca6a83e46cdaffeb4b  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l17.pak offset 0-53283
34d8cd5341b5f70ce6c83c94770162c7  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l18.pak offset 0-57447
3e72c7b29af68bc9a40731ac857ef014  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l19.pak offset 0-33159
b34f15d6b313768cee62832b07878beb  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l20.pak offset 0-77895
65becbbee2d730c983c850c5e07020d3  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l21.pak offset 0-29410
1bc2974f41664a2ae2c6a5b267ac9a5b  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l22.pak offset 0-59827
8bc1ec93ebef27c6f533ba8441ff72aa  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l23.pak offset 0-62821
b865096512df8ff27db8770b9a51f192  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l24.pak offset 0-63153
e6f2ca2f56840ea41f0a2342e2c22e3d  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l25.pak offset 0-10371
70852c2bd3cd5cd8ceabe27bc3c35a12  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l26.pak offset 0-52839
cbb079f54d1b63367a5e5af064c8d31d  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l27.pak offset 0-51695
556368e73b84e4cd86d3b4043b610366  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l28.pak offset 0-88367
bee51f1fc75326c8b521caa65093b83a  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\l29.pak offset 0-280552
b7042f71d02a4cb93335c06dd76cc130  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\manor.pak offset 0-75439
05276efe880d11d0ce2592c273cd9111  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\mine1.pak offset 0-139112
8aca778a32b7fb4934e5f19d8f49cdfe  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\monster.pak offset 0-110327
835eea23c48b980abfbce792f0a98ae8  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\music.pak offset 0-611957
0485dae78f6ea2191268c43f81b94150  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o00a.pak offset 0-235740
b85a70ac5b1e6ca5c1fe9a0d21c06b3b  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o01a.pak offset 0-119601
046ed337697c5e699a4d913e706649bb  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o01b.pak offset 0-287170
2793686dc2a099c0d8d4d5b828f50944  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o01c.pak offset 0-576942
7ff675923e05d2763967db60ee10ce6b  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o01d.pak offset 0-59133
fa72fd9b1efab596627192a87504ba71  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o01e.pak offset 0-171443
169c22806c4db3c47bd80c40c569b7a0  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o02a.pak offset 0-155223
6d89dfe16007f78a58324e7519958258  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o02b.pak offset 0-256426
33a9b6b317fd13b193198485ab125c63  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o03a.pak offset 0-45534
01343ac8556ac81e94d907fadf3e0112  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o03b.pak offset 0-111689
39bc31c64527b8f12ea6be25986a4521  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o03c.pak offset 0-50637
5b4ba6ad4e2ac4f0ebd02ad9b96cac07  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o04a.pak offset 0-38976
9edc46c474272c3dab56951fe3421d9f  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o07a.pak offset 0-114827
a3a8cd1b7eb10b7df4b300ddb47874f1  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o08a.pak offset 0-208016
b32b17d6c28b80ef2b886c8855a16858  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o10a.pak offset 0-276086
91af2033db6f136f7047fc27b2350802  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o11a.pak offset 0-239177
c9ded9fa0ad0695ab6a95f69940b0bf8  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o12a.pak offset 0-80414
5a5318813983a687c86b6b0ed94e304f  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o14a.pak offset 0-73051
52226152ef5d68d377d608f5d3cb396c  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o16a.pak offset 0-94520
1dc6732a9336ff5a6f1d9b59cc37e004  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o17a.pak offset 0-71131
b25a9b6ed3a2fbec0e306e369b878f89  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o18a.pak offset 0-123350
5c81e851c533181cf4bcf755e6011467  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o19a.pak offset 0-106086
da8cca61b0a4365f08414146d9e8e7fd  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o21a.pak offset 0-93085
88cbc9d4a590c039cb8b5db064919c8d  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o22a.pak offset 0-221352
cde7ade1d598aae9fd8a05a7739c3b16  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o22b.pak offset 0-69969
e3caec37e44f30bf0eafdca819d93364  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o22c.pak offset 0-389703
dd9def5d428f1a30ffe882185cb58f8f  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o22d.pak offset 0-383871
62748d75c270893987a94705330dc9f2  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o23a.pak offset 0-206410
a6d1d1c97718efa783ce507d96b5cbc7  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o23b.pak offset 0-148955
6797506a8b25c4d03b74ef424d1c907b  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o24a.pak offset 0-253055
6b9cfbe73e49652f07720b410dbcb288  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o26a.pak offset 0-167564
e3cff1e6a907e1764fc38cd20e875717  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o27a.pak offset 0-133643
d160a4c1d991d6f0d150cd678f2d72b8  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o28a.pak offset 0-345147
3acadc4617c67c2b4461a3556a99d95c  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\o29a.pak offset 0-36595
57267f084aeab195df4f5bc02e294ce4  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\ruin.pak offset 0-66098
73c95ff7f75e86601b64d0180f531f46  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\startup.pak offset 0-173333
8309ad94171b57ebab4be4640bc71188  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\swamp.pak offset 0-87910
0ec2be9b7403160d93e93810c45afb3b  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\tower1.pak offset 0-73127
a38d47af9386372a1f449fcdd8674136  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\urbish.pak offset 0-101967
eb398f09ba3321d872b6174a68a987d9  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\voc.pak offset 0-1048575
8c5743f03ac7424d539feee65188365f  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\yvel.pak offset 0-118523
a19778df81d895d2dc8fbd5bb29a5e5f  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\blend.tab offset 0-65535
7b48997a495f0165f9b76e0378c9f245  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\blend2.tab offset 0-65535
aac458d14adf1497932681a03e110437  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\drivers.pak offset 0-44560
add42981e909fa809bd89d429a5b1c49  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\finale.exe offset 0-132327
792ff5dbc97a409ab9a7f4d2c1fd57bb  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\finale.pak offset 0-687110
99c571fad684031d55a966c7d81e8d9f  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\finale.tds offset 0-210582
3c1ad626fc4564ac75514f1e7294081f  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\finale1.pak offset 0-843800
4bd8b46d368ba16964eb0658c5a5871b  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\finale2.pak offset 0-911225
2dd5305434b11b40cbda565c0f729913  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\general.pak offset 0-1048575
7ccfa6939c6d3883b86f5f43803e0a02  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\history.pak offset 0-1048575
b6709f89ad1d45e5fabe47eef3487bd1  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\intro1.pak offset 0-15560
0607faaef3f51f5bac660eb8a7cd0385  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\intro2.pak offset 0-66537
9ac35785870039929c44fa24b0a76be4  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\intro3.pak offset 0-106748
249026a3587230da636fb86ffad13b5e  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\intro4.pak offset 0-61254
e0ad13529d7636f3c82227a86616be44  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\intro5.pak offset 0-129657
47eada3fce4e5eb0d4340de45c24fcdb  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\intro6.pak offset 0-61546
7100076b4fa7d33f9e4be49c11ea669d  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\intro7.pak offset 0-123933
66edc357abab6f443cefd0f4cf56a6f0  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\intro8.pak offset 0-179364
bcb71f3b30e8e825c14b2d62c3d00d51  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\intro9.pak offset 0-132659
4cc346a4922f2448c8e58b108a3ee721  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\introvoc.pak offset 0-1048575
9d1778314de80598c0b0d032e2a1a1cf  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\lands.exe offset 0-357508
cd35d6bec9b59a5d1bdf256c7cf620a6  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\new6p.fnt offset 0-3212
f75741da4560c8e2af5b85895e8debe4  c:\Lands of Lore (CD Ita)\eng\startup.pak offset 0-105093 

Credits for the italian fan translation go to Fenice/Esteta of the MOCA group.


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