[Scummvm-tracker] [ScummVM] #10372: Items lost in iron tools factory

bosjox trac at scummvm.org
Wed Dec 20 11:13:21 CET 2017

#10372: Items lost in iron tools factory
Reporter:  bosjox         |      Owner:  (none)
    Type:  defect         |     Status:  new
Priority:  normal         |  Component:  --Unset--
Keywords:  Dropped items  |       Game:  Lighthouse
 Scummvm version: 2.0.0
 Game version: CD, 1.0C
 OS version: Win7-64

 Description: Enter the iron tools factory in the fortress and pick up some
 things (mold, wood pieces, coal, or even the stuff in the next room, such
 as gunpowder and cannon ball). Return to the passage to the wood working
 area, and all the things picked up in the iron factory are lost. They
 don't disappear completely, though -- they just return to their original

 I don't remember whether this bug was present in the original game.

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