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Wed Dec 20 15:01:24 CET 2017

#10373: SCI: Lighthouse: Cannot return to lighthouse
  Reporter:  bosjox      |      Owner:  (none)
      Type:  defect      |     Status:  new
  Priority:  normal      |  Component:  Engine: SCI
Resolution:              |   Keywords:  Not completable
      Game:  Lighthouse  |

Comment (by dafioram):


 I have played through the game on 2.0a (not the same version as you)
 replicating your start of not entering the study and not entering the
 laboratory and I can not see the lighthouse as an option to teleport to
 (as you saw). I played on scummvm, but I imagine the behavior is the same
 in the original interpreter (I will check later).

 I will think about it more, but I believe you can no longer get **all** of
 the game endings. You can actually, keep playing, but without being able
 to go back to the lighthouse you cannot get the "best" ending. You can
 still play the game and get many other endings.

 Had you entered the study or the laboratory in the lighthouse you would
 have one of those options to teleport to.

 I think a fix might be to not have the dark being show up at the
 lighthouse until the user has entered the study (at least once).

 You can't teleport to the dark being's teleporter spot using the temple's
 teleporter. You can get there using the temple's teleporter, but that
 would be a spoiler.

 Good find.

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