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Thu Dec 21 01:57:09 CET 2017

#10373: SCI: Lighthouse: Cannot return to lighthouse
  Reporter:  bosjox      |      Owner:  (none)
      Type:  defect      |     Status:  new
  Priority:  normal      |  Component:  Engine: SCI
Resolution:              |   Keywords:  sci32
      Game:  Lighthouse  |

Comment (by dafioram):


 I have done more investigating and with high confidence I believe you can
 still get all endings. While the state you are/were in is definitely
 inconvenient and interesting,  it does not prevent the player from missing
 any ending.

 We can keep this issue open, but I believe it is a low priority at best.

 I have included my reasoning in rot13 below, which can be deciphered by
 finding an internet decipher for rot13. I have done this because it
 contains spoilers. It may also ruin it for you.
 If you have any questions about the rot13 comment please reply in rot13.

 Lbh pna erghea gb gur yvtugubhfr jura lbh zrrg gur qnex orvat ng uvf
 ynobengbel. Ng guvf cbvag ur pna/jvyy bcra n cbegny onpx gb gur yvtugubhfr
 naq gura ur jvyy eha njnl. Lbh pna gura ragre gur cbegny naq trg gur
 cbgvba erdhverq gb svavfu znxvat gur tha.

 Guvf cbegny bayl fgnlf bcra sbe 4 zvahgrf fb lbh zhfg rvgure fbyir gur
 (phor) chmmyr va 4 zvahgrf be vg jvyy pybfr naq lbh zhfg hfr gur
 ynobengbel va gur yvtugubhfr gb znxr n cbegny gb tb onpx gb ebbfg vfynaq.

 Gura gnxr gur oveq ba gbc bs gur gbjre gb gur grzcyr jurer lbh pna gura
 gnxr gur grzcyr gryrcbegre onpx gb gur ibypnab vfynaq fvapr gung vf jurer
 lbhe fhoznevar vf. Gur genva jvyy or erfrg gb gur ortvaavat jurer gur fho
 vf, ohg lbh pna tb fgenvtug gb gur qnex orvat.

 Ng guvf cbvag lbh pna znxr gur tha naq fubbg uvz, fvapr ur vf onpx va uvf
 yno znxvat nabgure cbegny.

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