[Scummvm-tracker] [ScummVM] #9737: SHERLOCK: Serrated Scalpel italian fan traslation unknown MD5

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Tue May 9 14:48:50 CEST 2017

#9737: SHERLOCK: Serrated Scalpel italian fan traslation unknown MD5
  Reporter:  dego93                              |      Owner:  dreammaster
      Type:  defect                              |     Status:  closed
  Priority:  normal                              |  Component:  Engine:
                                                 |  Sherlock
Resolution:  fixed                               |   Keywords:
      Game:  Sherlock Holmes: Case of the        |
  Serrated Scalpel                               |

Comment (by dreammaster):

 Whoops. My fault on the first point. I didn't change the language in the
 detection entry I copied and modified from Spanish to Italian.

 As for the second point, I was afraid of that. Sherlock has it's own mini-
 scripting system in text strings. Normally characters/bytes can be from 0
 to 255, but only a subset are used for actual printable characters. So the
 original English version used some of the higher numbers for various
 different instructions. Unfortunately, when foreign language versions were
 introduced, they started including extra accented characters, and they had
 to start shifting around the indexes of these opcodes. That's essentially
 what the error means.. it likely got confused from executing some of these
 opcodes incorrectly, and then gave an error.

 Tell me, it's kind of hard for me to tell for sure from the webpage.. is
 the patch based on the English version? In which case, changing the
 detection entry to Italian may stop it doing the special changes it does
 for the Spanish version and fix your problem.

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