[Scummvm-tracker] [ScummVM] #9752: SCI: Save screenshots blocked by menu (was: SCI: Shivers: Save screenshots show the save menu)

Colin Snover trac at scummvm.org
Wed May 10 23:43:36 CEST 2017

#9752: SCI: Save screenshots blocked by menu
  Reporter:  Kurufinwe21  |      Owner:  (none)
      Type:  defect       |     Status:  new
  Priority:  low          |  Component:  Engine: SCI
Resolution:               |   Keywords:  sci32 good-first-bug
      Game:               |
Changes (by csnover):

 * keywords:  sci32 => sci32 good-first-bug
 * priority:  normal => low
 * game:  Shivers 1 =>


 Thanks for your report! This is a previously known (though not ticketed)

 This problem is actually more widespread than just Shivers 1; QFG4 has the
 same problem (its screenshots are partially blocked by the settings menu).
 It is probable that even more SCI32 games have this problem, but I can’t
 think of more offhand (someone will need to go through all the games to
 find out).

 The problem should be resolvable by making some minor changes to save a
 screenshot thumbnail before the game’s menu appears, instead of at the
 moment that a game is actually saved.

 There are several possible approaches. Here are two I can think of:

 1. Modify game scripts (using ScriptPatcher) to notify ScummVM to
 save/clear a save screenshot before/after the in-game menu appears,
 perhaps by adding another ScummVM-specific kernel call similar to kernel
 calls 0xe0 (kScummVMWaitId) and 0xe1 (kScummVMSaveLoadId).

 2. Monitor the room number or plane list inside the engine, and save/clear
 a save screenshot before/after the settings/menu plane appears and

 This is a fairly low-complexity, low-priority issue that would be a good
 first ticket for anyone interested in working on SCI engine.

Ticket URL: <https://bugs.scummvm.org/ticket/9752#comment:2>
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