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Thu May 11 02:45:48 CEST 2017

#9737: SHERLOCK: Serrated Scalpel italian fan traslation unknown MD5
  Reporter:  dego93                              |      Owner:  dreammaster
      Type:  defect                              |     Status:  closed
  Priority:  normal                              |  Component:  Engine:
                                                 |  Sherlock
Resolution:  fixed                               |   Keywords:
      Game:  Sherlock Holmes: Case of the        |
  Serrated Scalpel                               |

Comment (by dreammaster):

 Well, that's a bit of improvement, at least. At a guess, I'd say they
 translated the internal inventory item names to Italian, where they should
 have left them in English. If you look here:

 You'll see that irrespective of the language, a set of named inventory
 items are set up. In particular, "Message" is one of the two default items
 in the player's inventory, and the error indicates that it can't find any
 item with that name.

 At this point, there are two options.. someone has to either look into
 redeveloping the translation patch so it's compatible with ScummVM's
 Sherlock engine, or to fork the ScummVM and submit changes to the Sherlock
 engine to replace the inventory item names specifically for the Italian
 version. In either case, it may end up being a non-trivial undertaking, so
 it's not something I could commit to right now, even if I could get the
 diff you provided to work. Maybe you can convince the original authors of
 the patch to look into the matter further.

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