[Scummvm-tracker] [ScummVM] #9791: SCI: GK1: Intro movie plays no digital music (was: SCI: GK1 Intro movie plays no digital music)

Colin Snover trac at scummvm.org
Thu May 18 00:40:54 CEST 2017

#9791: SCI: GK1: Intro movie plays no digital music
  Reporter:  GermanTribun      |      Owner:  csnover
      Type:  defect            |     Status:  pending
  Priority:  normal            |  Component:  Engine: SCI
Resolution:  invalid           |   Keywords:  sci32
      Game:  Gabriel Knight 1  |
Changes (by csnover):

 * keywords:   => sci32
 * owner:  (none) => csnover
 * status:  new => pending
 * resolution:   => invalid


 Thanks for your report! I am making an assumption that you have selected
 the DOS version of the game when adding it to ScummVM. What are you
 describing is the correct and expected behaviour. The DOS version of GK1
 uses synthesised music during video playback. (The credits in the DOS
 version are not video.) If you want digital audio during videos, choose
 the Windows version instead.

 Please let me know if this resolves the problem so I can close this
 ticket. Thanks!

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