[Scummvm-tracker] [ScummVM] #10665: Lands of Lore 1 bug which leads to a crash.

Traveler84 trac at scummvm.org
Mon Aug 13 08:27:44 CEST 2018

#10665: Lands of Lore 1 bug which leads to a crash.
Reporter:  Traveler84  |      Owner:  (none)
    Type:  defect      |     Status:  new
Priority:  normal      |  Component:  --Unset--
Keywords:              |       Game:  Lands of Lore
 At Urbish mines level 4, when I encounter an overhanging lobster-like
 creature, the game and Scummvm always crashes. I have not found a way out
 of it. Clearly a unpassable bug, which is not avoidable - at least not for

 My Scummvm version is 2.0.0 and using a laptop with windows 10.

 At save game, kill the creature in front of you and then comes the lobster
 monster at which point the game crashes. I have tried at least 10-15 times
 to use different ways to encounter the lobster, but nothing has helped.

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