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Mon Aug 20 23:19:41 CEST 2018

#10668: ScummVM: Compiling error (FluidSynth)
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Comment (by digitall):

 Ah. Have identified the issue. That change broke compilation with older
 versions of Fluidsynth as the function signature was only made const char*
 in v1.1.7 release.

 Since v1.0.9 is pretty old, you really should try using the latest v1.X
 release i.e. v1.1.11:

 The v2.0 releases have changed the API and thus will not be compatible
 without some code patches to ScummVM.

 I would not normally do this, but since the code required to keep this
 working with earlier versions of Fluidsynth than v1.1.7 is pretty trivial,
 I will patch the code to allow linking against older versions. However,
 using the latest version of Fluidsynth would be highly recommended.

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