[Scummvm-devel] GBA port in the work

Christophe Thibault Christophe at spinner.com
Mon Nov 12 12:47:03 CET 2001

Yep, the GBA has a separate area for video and RAM and i can use the ROM as
a location for all read-only data. The screen res is 260*140, so that means
that i'll have to implement either a stretch or a scrolling mechanism. The
screen depth can be either 8-bit paletted or standard 16-bit mode.


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It might be possible.

Does the GBA have a separate area for video memory not counted in those
Do you need to put all data you need to access in those 256 kb, or is it
possible to use the ROM as a location of read-only data?

What screen resolution/color depth does the GBA use?

Best Regards,
Ludvig Strigeus

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> Hi,
> I've been working on a Gameboy Advance port of ScummVM. For now, it
> initializes, loads and runs a few lines of script ok (for monkey2 and
> atlantis) as i'm running into a memory problem: The GBA only has 256kb
> RAM and ScummVM is apparently to allocate much more (with monkey2 and
> atlantis). As i don't have MI1 CD version, I can't test if that one
> allocate more but i was wondering if you'd know of any memory
> that can be done into ScummVM to make it use less than 256kb?
> thanks :)
> -christophe
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