[Scummvm-devel] Sam'n'Max CD problems

Florian Schulze florian.proff.schulze at gmx.net
Sun Feb 3 15:22:04 CET 2002

(forgot to add the list)
Hi Sam,

> The intro hangs because drawString draws off the end of the buffer and
> overwrites a  sound header, I'm currently working on a patch to submit for
> this. A quick fix for this is around line 463 in string.cpp in drawString to
> replace
> if (a==1 && (_features&GF_AFTER_V6))
> with
> if (!string[a].no_talk_anim && (_features&GF_AFTER_V6))
> but it may have other side effects, but the intro runs to the end.

This fixes the drawing bugs, but not the hanging. Also the intro is completly
out of sync with the speech. The animations are a little bit to fast, maybe they
stop to soon also, have to check that.

> The drawBox color==-1 does actually work, it's something else that is
> causing it, it seems as if the loading of some of the graphics objects is
> not correct and it is just blitting stuff from old memory that hasn't been
> cleared, I haven't tracked it down yet, but it appeared just before
> christmas time, around the time the setShake support was added, but it may
> have been from an unrelated patch around then, if you want to go hunting.

See above.


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