[Scummvm-devel] _exe_name

Marcus Comstedt marcus at mc.pp.se
Mon Feb 18 11:14:14 CET 2002


In revision 1.33 of resource.cpp, the strategy for locating resource
files was changed to always prepend the _exe_name as a directory
prefix (separated from the filename with two forward slashes, for some
inexplicable reason...).

This is stupid for at least two reasons:

A) It needlessly restricts the name of the directory, as there is no
   technical reason why the name of the directory has to be the same
   as _exe_name.

B) It requires MONSTER.SOU to be moved _out_ of the directory, as the
   prefix is not added when opening that file, thus requiring that it
   resides in a different directory.  This is especially bogus when
   playing from a CD.

Unless there is a compelling argument to do otherwise, I suggest that
the directory prefix for resource files (both BLABLA.000 and 000.LFL)
are removed from the code, and that main() instead changes the current
directory if necessary (my Dreamcast port already does this).


  // Marcus

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