[Scummvm-devel] Re: CD sound interface

Ruediger Hanke tomjoad at muenster.de
Wed Mar 20 06:23:10 CET 2002

> Maybe you should wait for the end of the code freeze since all the low
> level access (including cd track access) are going to be redesigned ....

I don't know how much redesign you have planned, but I'd like
to encourage you to whatever you redesign - do it thoroughly.
I'm some kind of OOP guru, and, well, ScummVM is more or less
pseudo-OOP by now. Most of the struct xyz (xyz = Actor, ...) should
really be classes with their own methods, the MIDI drivers just scream
out for this. The class "Scumm" contains way too many and diverse
functions. This actually has a name, it's a design anti pattern known
as "The Blob" (one class dominates the program flow, utilizing several
data structures, bad coherence).

And while most is contained in the classes, strangely the
OS interface functions (initGraphics, blitToScreen) are not.

Sorry if I sound like a teacher here, I do criticize a lot of my own
stuff as well if that's a comfort ;-) I just mention it because I think
it would help keeping ScummVM maintainable.

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