[Scummvm-devel] Re: Sourcecode for ScummVM / RiscOS

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Wed Oct 1 14:18:11 CEST 2003

Am Mittwoch, 01.10.03 um 21:02 Uhr schrieb David McEwen:

> Hi...
Hi David!

> I am wondering if you got the mail I sent a couple of days ago - with 
> the
> code attached.

To whom exactly did you mail it

> I thought I'd better check as a lot of people are filtering
> mails with Swen around and it might have been treated as spam.

Nope, didn't get it, and it definitely wasn't filtered out by my spam 
filter either (I check it regularly, nothing in it is finally deleted 
before I review it). Must be some other problem then...

> If you didn't I'll be happy to resend it.

First off, you should make it available on your homepage together with 
your binary, not send it... or alternatively post some text there with 
instructions as to how to obtain the source (e.g. an email address 
where people can request it etc.). This is necessary if you want to 
distribute binaries of GPL software... If hosting space is a problem, I 
am sure we can come to some arrangement (e.g. we could maybe host a 
.diff / the modified source for you).

In any case, feel free to mail us the source, too, it's definitely 
welcome.. Also, our offer to work with you on integrating the changes 
into main CVS is still valid. That would of course entitle you to be 
added to the credits etc., and we could work with you on making a full 
RiscOS binary for every ScummVM release (as your time permits). Having 
the port changes in CVS would probably simplify this for both you and 



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