[Scummvm-devel] Re: Sourcecode for ScummVM / RiscOS

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Thu Oct 2 05:38:02 CEST 2003

Am Donnerstag, 02.10.03 um 00:16 Uhr schrieb David McEwen:

> Hi...
>> To whom exactly did you mail it
> To this exact mail address... I have resent it.

Hm, still nothing received ?! Maybe the mail is to big and your 
provider failed to deliver it?


>> First off, you should make it available on your homepage together with
>> your binary, not send it... or alternatively post some text there with
>> instructions as to how to obtain the source (e.g. an email address
>> where people can request it etc.). This is necessary if you want to
>> distribute binaries of GPL software... If hosting space is a problem, 
>> I
>> am sure we can come to some arrangement (e.g. we could maybe host a
>> .diff / the modified source for you).
>> In any case, feel free to mail us the source, too, it's definitely
>> welcome.. Also, our offer to work with you on integrating the changes
>> into main CVS is still valid. That would of course entitle you to be
>> added to the credits etc., and we could work with you on making a full
>> RiscOS binary for every ScummVM release (as your time permits). Having
>> the port changes in CVS would probably simplify this for both you and
>> us.
> I thought it would be best to mail the source first to check if you 
> wanted
> anything added. If it's OK I'll put it on my site over the weekend.

That would be very good.

>  I understand the requirements as stated in the accompanying mail I 
> forgot
> (well I could be more exact and say that other much more important 
> factors
> relating to work took priority and thu my mind was elsewhere).

Understood. Of course we understand that you have other things to do, 
and work/job certainly has a much higher priority, so some delay is no 
problem.... However please also understand our point of view, which is 
that we asked you about this 6 months ago and nothing happened from 
your part since then, however you *did* find the time to release a 
0.5.0 binary. And I don't think uploading some source tar ball would be 
much harder... *cough*. Ah well, whatever, my goal is to see the RiscOS 
mods released to the public and ideally integrated into the main 
distro, to the benefit of all. Certainly nothing to be gained in doing 
petty talks about who is responsible for what :-)

> The code isn't really useful for any fresh version as it would be 
> better to
> use the SDL port (which wasn't available at the time).
Ah OK, so SDL now is available for RiscOS. Of course the question is: 
is it any good? I.e. is the port usable for ScummVM?

>  I don't have the time
> atm to try this - in theory it should be trivial, but I always get odd
> problems so it needs a thorough testing first. I have originals of 
> most of
> the games... it just really is a matter of time, which I should get 
> once
> the game (my work) is finished. I'm hopeful that it would mean minimal
> changes which IMHO would be ideal. It may be possible to do a better 
> sound solution than going via SDL, but the differences may be marginal.

For us both are fine. If you can get along well by using the SDL 
backend, the much the better. If a RiscOS specific backend is the way 
to go, just fine to us as well.



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