[Scummvm-devel] Dreamcast config file

Marcus Comstedt marcus at mc.pp.se
Tue Dec 7 00:23:01 CET 2004

Max Horn <max at quendi.de> writes:

> This reminds me about something I wanted to ask (might be relevant for
> other porters, too): so, there is no config file on Dreamcast (I
> wasn't sure about this, good to know it for sure now). Is this a
> fundamental problem and impossible; or would it be an option to
> (ab)use a save slot for such a thing? I am not talking about an ugly
> hack like using the SaveGame manager, mind you; what I want to get at
> is this: would it be helpful/desirable/possible to add some kind of
> abstraction for the config file, which would allow alternative storage
> locations? Like, something which would allow you to load&store config
> data from a VMU ?

Saving a config file on a memory card is of course possible.  What is
not possible is for the user to fire up a text editor and edit it, so
for it to be meaningful all settings that are saved must be changable
through the ScummVM GUI.

Generally, what I need to save something on a memorycard is:

*) A memory card slot (Right now the last card used for loading, or
   the first available card if no loading has been done, is used.
   This could be improved.)

*) A filename (needed for all platforms, so nothing special here :)

*) A short and long description (currently "ScummVM savegame" and the
   name of running game, obviously this would have to be changed for

*) An icon (32x32 pixels, 16 colours, RGBA4444 palette.  The backend
   tries to find suitable .ICO files on the game discs to use.  For
   a config save a custom ScummVM icon would be more apt.  This could
   probably be used as a default icon for games where no .ICO is found
   as well.)

Speaking of saving, something should probably be done about the
"autosaves" used in some games.  They take up space on a memory card
without user permission, and if there is not enough space available
this causes the game to malfunction.  If the filesystem is extended in
some way to accomodate saving of config files, it should be extended
so that these autosaves can go to RAM as well (frankly, I don't see a
need for them to go to persistent storage on any platform).

  // Marcus

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