[Scummvm-devel] scummvm-tools package?

Willem Jan Palenstijn palenstijn at planet.nl
Tue Dec 21 11:09:06 CET 2004

Hi all,

I've been thinking a bit about a scummvm-tools fedora package. The
reason why I haven't made one two or three releases ago is the name of
the 'extract' tool. Specifically, I feel it wouldn't be right to put a
binary with a generic name like 'extract' in /usr/bin.

A couple of possible solutions:

* don't create a scummvm-tools package.
* just put everything in /usr/bin regardless.
* don't put the binaries in /usr/bin but somewhere outside of the
default path. (If so, where? It might have to be mentioned in the docs
as well.)
* rename the binaries in the package. I really don't want to do this
because it would be confusing to have tools named differently on
different platforms.
* rename the extract tool itself.
* other?

Regardless of which solution is chosen, I'd like to suggest renaming
'extract' anyway, since it doesn't seem to actually extract anything,
but rather compress the monster.sou files. I can't really think of a
good name off-hand, though. Maybe 'compress_sou' after the current

A final, hopefully easier question:
Which tools should be packaged? I'm guessing the 'convbdf' and
'md5table' tools are for internal use only and wouldn't be useful to
have in a scummvm-tools rpm. What about the others?

Opinions/suggestions are welcome :-)

-Willem Jan

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