[Scummvm-devel] BS2 cutscenes

Nicolas Noble pixel at nobis-crew.org
Tue Jan 6 04:38:01 CET 2004

> Hello? Anything happening here? Or are we all just sitting around and
> hoping for a miracle to happen (like, Smacker being open source
> tomorrow, or "somebody else" implementing a solution) ? :-)
> BTW, I was thinking a bit about libmpeg2... one thing that worries me is
> that MPEG2 is (AFAIK) tied to 24 bit graphics (or at least 16 bits), but
> not all our targets support that (like PalmOS or, I think, Amiga, at
> least in some screen mode - not sure about this, please dear porters,
> correct me if I am wrong :-).
> Sadly I am not aware of any useful open source 256 color/palette
> codec..... :-/

ffmpeg is targetted to more platforms, but IMHO using such a codec would
be a little bit bloatware (TM)

For an open source 256 paletted codec, there is the oooooooooooooooold
FLI/FLC animation format.  Implementing this format is really really
simple, and there even ough to be free implementations, but output files
are quite huge too. IIRC, the frames are RLE compressed, and each frame is
a "changemap" of the previous frame.

But what do you expect exactly? Would scummvm put to download the old BS2
cutscenes compressed to another format?

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