[Scummvm-devel] Re: CVS: scummvm/sword2/driver animation.cpp,1.2,1.3 animation.h,1.4,1.5 d_draw.cpp,1.58,1.59 d_draw.h,1.23,1.24

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Tue Jan 13 05:49:02 CET 2004

Am 13.01.2004 um 13:58 schrieb <Torbjorn.E.Andersson at tietoenator.com>:

> James 'Ender' Brown <ender at scummvm.org> wrote:
>> As this is a simple call to the existing mixer OGG engine, I could
>> only say that either the oggenc I used is creating oddly broken files
>> or that something else is wrong.
> The only bit that confuses me is the third parameter to playVorbis(),
> i.e. 100000000. But that may be correct, or at least harmless. I'm not
> familiar enough with this code.
That value is totally bogus, and could (on some architectures) lead to 
crashes. It really should be inputFile->getSize() passed there.

The code has another problem (see my FIXME comment), it leaks the input 
file. That could be avoided by keeping a pointer to it and freeing it 
eventually. Likewise, instead of using playVorbis, the code should use 
makeVorbisStream() to create a custom stream, then keep a pointer to 
that, too. This will be needed eventually for the audio/video sync (I 
explained this in an email to Andreas Röver some time ago).

Note that playVorbis exists to allow playback of a select small portion 
of a file (that is, to playback our Scumm .sog files, which essentially 
concatenate multiple .ogg files). It will eventually be phased out.



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