[Scummvm-devel] Re: CVS: scummvm/sword2/driver animation.cpp,1.2,1.3 animation.h,1.4,1.5 d_draw.cpp,1.58,1.59 d_draw.h,1.23,1.24

Torbjorn.E.Andersson at tietoenator.com Torbjorn.E.Andersson at tietoenator.com
Tue Jan 13 06:00:06 CET 2004

> That value is totally bogus, and could (on some architectures) lead to 
> crashes. It really should be inputFile->getSize() passed there.

That was my thought yesterday, but making that change only made it crash
even quicker in the debugger, and with an even less useful stack trace.
There has to be something else that's wrong about it. Memory corruption,
perhaps? I don't have the tools to look for that on this computer.

> The code has another problem (see my FIXME comment), it leaks the input 
> file. That could be avoided by keeping a pointer to it and freeing it 
> eventually.

Yeah, I noticed that too, so I fixed it (I hope!) earlier today.

> Likewise, instead of using playVorbis, the code should use 
> makeVorbisStream() to create a custom stream

That, I did not fix. I'll keep it in mind if I ever get around to looking
at support for compressed sound in BS1 or BS2 though. :-)


TietoEnator Resource Management AB
Torbjörn Andersson

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