[Scummvm-devel] ScummVM 0.6.0 Branch schedule

James 'Ender' Brown ender at scummvm.org
Fri Jan 16 00:58:00 CET 2004

Hello everybody!

I am -hoping- to branch for 0.6.0 on Sunday (there are a few pending
DigiIMUSE commits first). So could people please slow down on
unimportant commits like cleanups until after we branch?

I'd also appretiate it if a few people played some games through this
weekend before we branch, just to get a rough idea of how release-ready
we really are - I have no doubt there are still a fair few number of
regressions left.

Oh, and if anybody plays through Last Crusade please let me know if
those walkbugs are still present. There's been a TODO in the readme for
ages about confirming them, but I hate the game too much to play it
again *g*

Also we still need a few locations to host the BS1/2 cutscene packs. If
there are any, say, adventure website webmasters or mirror maintainers
with space and bandwidth to spare on the list.... lemme know.

 - Ender

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