[Scummvm-devel] FT bugs

Hein-Pieter van Braam hp at syntomax.com
Mon Jan 26 20:02:23 CET 2004

Hey all!

Endy asked to test a couple of games, and well... here's the first batch
of bugs :)

I found a couple of bugs in FT:

* Text doesn't get drawn over moving sprites, but under them.
* Text sync is off when corley sings his "last song"
* corley doesn't talk between coughs on and off when he's dying
* Text over an actor makes that bit of the actor flicker when you
select/deslect it
* Ben doesn't always move his lips when talking (bar scene when you
first encounter the trucker with the knife)
* After kicking over the truck, and riding away, the back of the truck
isn't quite transparant enough :)
* when reading the lower-left notice about the illegalness of jumping
the gorge, ben stops talking mid-scentence
* INSANE crashes sometimes, hard to reproduce, but I get thrown in a
debugger window it ended with the following message on stdout:
(13:82:0xE8A): invalid seek request : 52168 > 11990 (delta == 51358)
(13:82:0xE8A): invalid seek request : 52168 > 11990 (delta == 51358)!
* INSANE Also crashes sometimes with the error "(13:82:0xE8A): unknown
Chunk in SAUD track : wwsp" The four letters at the end seem to varey
though... also hard to reproduce, it just happends sometimes
* ScummVM sometimes crashes with an error "soundmixer out of mixers" or
something. Also hard to reproduce... sorry, but it seems to happen if
you press your mouse button to often during a fight. Seems to only
happen in INSANE.

well, thats all for today I'm going to bed now, I can't seem to get past
this for now.

more on this wonderful game later :)


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