[Scummvm-devel] SF.net quota: Myth and fact

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Tue Nov 1 06:36:20 CET 2005

Hi folks,

I just read this in the IRC logs:

[01:09] <joostp> aren't we already exceeding our SF.net quota?
[01:12] <_sev> hmm... which leads me to a question
[01:12] <_sev> we just dumped 120+ Megs to sf.net FRS. Not nice
[01:12] <_sev> probably it should be cleaned up, at least bass- 
cd-1.1.zip removed

We do not have such a quota! We can host there 10 GB, if we need to.  
The problem is another: Normally SF.net only offers to host source  
code and executable, but *not* content. Content is OK as long as it  
isn't too much. If one needs to store content, one can request that  
an exception is made. In the case of BASS, we did that.

Furthermore, removing a file from the FRS does *not* remove it from  
the FTP space. I am not sure if they are still mirrored in that case,  
but I think they are. The reasoning behind that is that SF.net  
normally wants you to never delete old releases of your project, a  
good goal in fact (working towards ensuring that download links never  

As long as nobody complains (and this is unlikely) I think we have no  
problem here. It's not as if we trippled the download volume by  
having three BASS versions available either -- most folks will just  
download the newest (and only visible) one.

A bit below:

[01:13] <joostp> now only to wait 3 months for the SF.net mirrors to  
pick it up :)
[01:14] <_sev> what I really don't like with sf.net is that each page  
takes more than 100 kilobytes. too slow over dial-up

It's indeed bad that those pages are so big. My suggestion: Do not  
complain about this in the backyard, but rather, tell 'em! File a  
feature request with SF.net and ask for more compact download pages.  
They are currently working on exactly such issues, so with some luck  
it'll happen in the not so distant future. Even if not: It's always  
better to "complain" via the proper channels, since at least you give  
them a chance to be aware of the problem and fix it. If they don't,  
you can say "But I told them", and if they *do* fix it, well, we all  
win :-).


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