[Scummvm-devel] Re: CD support in launcher

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Sat Nov 19 06:13:03 CET 2005

Am 19.11.2005 um 14:28 schrieb Marcus Comstedt:


> I just remembered one more thing about my custom launcher though: When
> saving to memorycards, I need to put an icon on each file.  Right now
> the custom launcher also scans for .ICO files when scanning for games,
> which at least sometimes gives me game-specific icons for the
> savegames.
> Of course, it would be possible to simply create a bunch of icons and
> select one based on the target.  Anyone who feels up to the job?  :-)
> (The icons are 32x32, 16 colours, ARGB4444 palette.)

You mean icons which indicate the game in question? I guess something  
like bigger versions of the icons found on <http://www.scummvm.org/ 
downloads.php#extras> are what you are looking for? Copyright issues  
might make it impossible to include something like that in ScummVM.

A generic ScummVM icon would be possible however, maybe something  
like <http://www.scummvm.org/favicon.ico> just bigger?

Which reminds me of yet another question: Who created <http:// 
www.scummvm.org/favicon.ico> anyway? Do we have bigger versions of  
that (32x32 8 bit up to 128x128, ARGB 32 bit), something which we  
could consider using as a new, unified ScummVM icon? Right now, we  
have the good old ugly scummvm.ico, we have scummvm.icns (used on OS  
X and looks completely different, see <http:// 
icon-32x32-8bit.gif>), and some other ports probably use yet another  

I really would like to see us have a single, recognizable icon  


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