[Scummvm-devel] RE:Slowww

Lars Persson larspp at spray.se
Tue Apr 4 13:21:03 CEST 2006

1. Crap hotmail. :-) 
2. Successfully built Scummvm SVN. It required changes in 
* hashmap.h (public declaration for member vars), 
* func.h (hash function declared twice) (as already mentioned like three times), 
* in scummsys.h (uint is already declared by Symbians libc in types.h (not sure how this this is done on other platforms). Should really the uint,uint32 and int32 datatypes be set based on the presence on config.h or not?
So I tested this build on my P910, and there is still quite a long startup phase before the launcher is presented, but might be abit shorter. Also launching games is also abit delayed.  But the default SDL main implementation worked without any hitches. :-)

br Lars
p.s this time in plaintext only I hope. d.s

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