[Scummvm-devel] To all engine maintainers. Detector failure behaviour.

Eugene Sandulenko sev at scummvm.org
Tue Apr 25 18:17:03 CEST 2006

On Wed, 26 Apr 2006 02:48:43 +0300
Eugene Sandulenko <sev at scummvm.org> wrote:

>   - Display GUI message
>   - Return to launcher

> To display a GUI message, use this small piece of code:
> To return to launcher you should return valid Engine object by
I just made it in more cleaner way. Now there is Engine_Empty class
which does nothing but shows that message. Also there is
Engine::GUIErrorMessage() method which inits gfx and shows same message.

I.e. if you engine detects game in Engine_BLAH_create(), then return
instance of Engine_Empty object. Arguments are these:

  OEngine_Empty(System *syst, const Common::String msg = "No valid
games were found in specified directory.")

If your engine detects game later, say in BlahEngine::init() method,
then just call Engine::GUIErrorMessage(const Common::String msg); and
return 1 from init() method or from go() method.


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