[Scummvm-devel] Forum moderation

James 'Ender' Brown ender at scummvm.org
Wed Jan 11 03:59:01 CET 2006

> Regading banning: I'd prefer if we documented this a bit better. Like,
> keeping note of the reasons we banned a certain user. Ender, can we add a
> hidden forum which only the moderators see, and to which posts that lead
> to a ban are moved, so that we keep the material leading to the ban?
> Please do so if this is possible.

Bloody good idea. Consider it done. Please move unwanted threads into
the new 'Deleted Topics' forum instead of just deleting them straight
out.... of course, keeping mind all of Maxs good advice on when this is
neccessary :)

James 'Ender' Brown <ender at scummvm.org>

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