[Scummvm-devel] Subversion is here!

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Thu Jan 12 15:01:10 CET 2006

Hi folks,

the SF.net Subversion beta program started today. As you may already  
know, I managed to get us onto the pariticipant list.

So we can start using Subversion now if we want to ! I only have to  
enable it. For details on the server, check out <https:// 

However, I recommend not to rush this, to avoid trouble / confusion.  
My suggestion is that, unless there are general objections to the  
whole switch, we switch during the coming weekend (or later, if we  
determine there are problems with this). SF.net allows us to  
automatically migrate our existing CVS repository to Subversion (note  
that the CVS repos will always stay there). This can take a couple  
hours, considering the size of our CVS repos... The plan would be to  
not let people commit in that time, and then we all start using  
Subversion at the same time.

They also provide various default hook scripts (for validating MIME  
types -- think "binary flag for pictures"; for commit mails; etc.).

Furthermore, we may want to setup something like svn2cvs (http:// 
svn2cvs.tigris.org/) to keep our anon CVS archive up-to-date;  
although I'd prefer not to do that and instead tell our users to use  
anon Subversion access instead.

What do you think, folks?


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