[Scummvm-devel] Subversion is here!

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Sat Jan 14 07:17:05 CET 2006

So... what now?

1) Are there questions regarding Subversion? Please don't hesitate to  
ask, (well, maybe first google for the answers :-). Does everybody  
have a Subversion client available?

2) What about Jonathan's concerns (and maybe those of other people  
who have not spoken up) -- are those settled, or do we need more  
discussion of whether to move to Subversion or not? Please speak up  
soon. I would strongly recommend against keeping silent just because  
you think you'll be ignored anyway. Firstly, that won't be the case,  
secondly, if you don't speak up now, you can't validly complain later  

3) Regarding "merging" the history of files that we manually  
"renamed" in CVS (like scummvm.cpp -> scumm.cpp; or the whole scummvm- 
old -> scummvm transition): Anybody besides Eugene and me got an  
opinion on this? Just to repeat it: Mine is that it would be very  
nice to have, but that I personally so rarely need it that (again,  
for me personally) it's of a very low priority and should only be  
done if it's possible with reasonable effort.

4) Assuming that there is no real opposition against the move, I'd do  
it rather sooner than later. If I don't hear serious objections until  
next weekend latest, I'll assume that nobody has serious concerns (if  
you have them and can't be bothered to get up your ass and reply  
within a week, well... ).


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