[Scummvm-devel] Subversion is here!

Pawel Kolodziejski pablo at omega.xtr.net.pl
Sat Jan 14 09:39:08 CET 2006

> So... what now?
> 1) Are there questions regarding Subversion? Please don't hesitate to
> ask, (well, maybe first google for the answers :-). Does everybody
> have a Subversion client available?

I have installed one for some long time.

> 2) What about Jonathan's concerns (and maybe those of other people
> who have not spoken up) -- are those settled, or do we need more
> discussion of whether to move to Subversion or not? Please speak up
> soon. I would strongly recommend against keeping silent just because
> you think you'll be ignored anyway. Firstly, that won't be the case,
> secondly, if you don't speak up now, you can't validly complain later
> on!

My silence is related to a small experience with Subversion and I can
trust to what I read from web pages and others writes on scummvm-devel

> 3) Regarding "merging" the history of files that we manually
> "renamed" in CVS (like scummvm.cpp -> scumm.cpp; or the whole scummvm-
> old -> scummvm transition): Anybody besides Eugene and me got an
> opinion on this? Just to repeat it: Mine is that it would be very
> nice to have, but that I personally so rarely need it that (again,
> for me personally) it's of a very low priority and should only be
> done if it's possible with reasonable effort.

I'm not sure how such merge trees would looks like. That was
reorganisation  of tree, how files from diffrent places are linked ? Does
that mean it could be like current scumm/scumm.cpp to scummvm.cpp from old
tree ?

> 4) Assuming that there is no real opposition against the move, I'd do
> it rather sooner than later. If I don't hear serious objections until
> next weekend latest, I'll assume that nobody has serious concerns (if
> you have them and can't be bothered to get up your ass and reply
> within a week, well... ).

I don't have any objections from what I read, and I'm for move into


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