[Scummvm-devel] New GUI

Johannes Schickel lordhoto at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 08:17:05 CET 2006


First of all I wanted to say that I forgot to mention that the new gui
code could make problems, since it's quite new.

Configuring the new gui

To set up the new gui you need the default-theme.zip
(gui/themes/default-theme.zip), then you need to add
"gui_theme=default-theme" to your scummvm.ini (it is enabled by
default though), if you want to use the classic theme just use
"gui_theme=classic". If you pick another value the new theme will
search for an zip file "your_value.zip" and for an configuration file
"your_value.ini" (which could be in the zip too). If you want a
specific path for the image files for the gui you can use
"themepath=/your/path" now, or just put it into your extrapath.

Talking about the theme specific ini file, in that one all infos about
the theme is stored like: pixmaps to use and which colors. (look at
the default-theme.ini file in default-theme.zip)


- implement the arrow-buttons on the PopUpWidget
- implement the old look for the checkboxes in the classic theme
- implement button states for the new theme (i.e. pressed)
- fix the PopUpWidget implementation (look at the language list with
--force-1x-overlay for that)
- change pixmaps and colors to match Krest's mockup
- rework calcGradient since it looks a bit blocky at the moment
- speed up the new gui (erik reported that it is still slow on his computer)
- fine-tuning the new gui for different resolutions (sev though about
adding the widget coordinates for the different resolutions to the
theme specific ini file)

I think that should be all for the moment.

-- Johannes

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