[Scummvm-devel] Lands of Lore

Florian Kagerer f.kagerer at lycos.de
Sat Aug 2 14:46:22 CEST 2008

> > Personally I don't mind any game type been added, as long as it is 
> > based off an existing (adventure) game engine. I don't mean games that 
> > just share a few common file formats though.
> I have similar attitude. I.e. adding AGI support brought Tetris to ScummVM
:) But I personally would be 
> against adding a pure non-adventure engine to the core.

As Johannes pointed out the game code shares tons of stuff, especially with
HOF (same game engine scripts, same graphics/animation/sequence code, same
music and sound effects code etc.). It wouldn't make much sense to separate
the LOL code from the KYRA code. Lol is not exactly a new engine, especially
not "a pure non-adventure engine" (game concepts aren't too different, just
the fighting and the character development).

Adding one more game of this type (after Elvira, Elvira II and Waxworks)
will not lead to a loss of focus for ScummVM (requiring website changes like
Max's idea of changing the "graphical adventures" bit to something like
"arbitrary (graphical?) PC games").


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