[Scummvm-devel] ScummVM 0.12.0: Release status 2008-08-08

Eugene Sandulenko sev at scummvm.org
Fri Aug 8 10:32:54 CEST 2008

Hi Team,

we don't have release critical bugs for a while now, and that's great.

What I wonder is what is the status of PalmOS and PS2 ports? Also I am
bit bugged by the fact that none of the port-specific "nice to have
fixed" bugs were touched in last several weeks.

We are quickly approaching the ports deadline. Guys, remember, after
August 18th there should be no backend-specific commits. It means that
you have to finish everything by that time.

The schedule is:

  August 18th: All ports should be frozen, prerelease binaries built
  August 25th: Binaries uploaded to sf.net
  August 31th: Release

Ports status:

iPhone: OK
PalmOS: ?
PS2: ?
SymbianOS: OK
Wii: OK

Release critical

Nice go get fixed

Port specific
1956685 NDS: Left click "auto fire"
1916102 PALMOS DIG: Crash at spaceship scene, treo 680
1849081 PALMOS: BASS crashes in opening scene
1906077 PS2: Black Screen of Death
1753511 PS2: Crash when push "quit" button
1753509 PS2: Scummvm.ini problem
1778166 PS2: THE DIG: Random freezes
1742030 PSP: Simon the Sorcerer slow down
1749708 SYMBIAN UIQ3: DoTT scrolling problems
1787316 SYMBIAN: DIG crashes on Nokia N73
1893026 SYMBIAN: The Dig crashes on Symbian 9.1 FP1
1998657 WII: Monkey Island 1 - Crash
1998663 WII: Save game overwriting and "Invalid Savegame" issues
1976799 WINCE: change of "Modern Style" will fail

Engine/game specific
1847454 DIG: Rat Trap Puzzle Error
1905032 DIG: text borders/shadows glitches (with 0.9.0 savegame)
2016521 DOTT: Bernard impersonating LaVerne
1793356 GOB3: double sprite glitch in the queen level
2016550 GOB3:'A Bell' button hotspot disappears
1970191 IHNM: Psychic Profile problem
1891362 MI2: Crashes when entering Stan's shop
1824017 NIPPON: Dino walking on-spot without moving (Amiga)
1947723 SAM: text off screen in german version
1977094 SWORD1: Subtitles missing (German version)
1971739 WOODRUFF: Bluxtre nut gone when left on the ground


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