[Scummvm-devel] ScummVM 0.12.0: Release status 2008-08-08

sunmax at libero.it sunmax at libero.it
Fri Aug 8 07:43:32 CEST 2008

Hey Sev,

> What I wonder is what is the status of PalmOS and PS2 ports?

I will get back to this point asap. PS2 is doing fine with
statically linked engines, I did not have a chance to try
the dynamical plugins, cause (see my other mail on devlist)
I spent most of my PS2 dev time on the FSNode redesign and
on finding a new way to launch ScummVM that could get us
some of those "nice to have" bugs sorted... at least the
BSoD and Crash on Quit, which are actually -not- ScummVM
bugs, but launchers issues. There are so many different
ways to execute an ELF on PS2 and so many different mods
that it's tricky to keep track of all of them, and some
preload their own drivers (.IRX) which makes things a bit,
let's say, unpredictable. We should have an official way
to launch ScummVM on PS2 which we always support and then
a couple more then we keep going depending on the time.

Talk to you soon,

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