[Scummvm-devel] Scummvm 0.12.0. Release status 2008-08-15

Torbjörn Andersson eriktorbjorn at telia.com
Sat Aug 16 21:23:58 CEST 2008

Torbjörn Andersson wrote:
> Eugene Sandulenko wrote:
>> Release critical
>> =================
>> None
> I just filed a new one which I would consider release critical:
> 2054882 FW: Impossible to survive entering monastery (regression)

Replying to myself... Buddha narrowed it down to a specific, albeit
fairly large, commit and I've finally figured out which part of it broke

There used to be a workaround in the o1_compareGlobalVar() function so
that comparing global variable 255 to anything was always true. For
whatever reason, the CinE renderer rewrite removed this workaround.

I could simply put it back, I suppose, but I was wondering if anyone
knows why that workaround is needed at all. In the meantime, I've
attached a patch to the bug report.


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