[Scummvm-devel] Improvements to blitting code.

Kostas Nakos knakos at phys.uoa.gr
Sun Aug 17 20:22:21 CEST 2008


Max Horn wrote:
> First of, you uncovered indeed a big nasty bug: We globally define  
> USE_ARM_GFX_ASM, but in engines/scumm/gfx.cpp, we then check  
> ARM_USE_GFX_ASM -- oops! Only the Symbian port seems to #define both.  
> Bad bad bad.

Seems like a small slip there. I've enabled both symbols, tested some 
and everything looks fine to me. So I will be enabling these globally 
for this release. If all other ports are OK, I'm fine with unifying 
these symbols.

Carlo's method is great too. Since there are no alignment and/or 
clipping problems as Max suggests, this is good to go. Happy to test a 
patch too.


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