[Scummvm-devel] Kyrandia engine loading is slow on the DS

Bertrand Augereau bertrand_augereau at yahoo.fr
Wed Aug 20 23:34:43 CEST 2008

Hi Neil, hi team,given your numbers we can approximate the time of a fopen to 15ms.Therefore, on the 65 seconds to launch Kyrandia 1, the 2k fopen account for 30 sec, and the rest is 35 seconds.
Maybe we could maintain a cache of filename to file handles in kyra resource manager to open files only once, we probably could gain 20 seconds more.For the rest I don't know...Anyway one minute is not that long to launch the game, you might just change the bgcolor every hbl with an interrupt during the engine initializations (like in cracked games depackers in the 80s :) : now this is old school) for the user to notice the game hasn't crashed. That would probably be sufficient. Cheers,Bertrand
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Johannes wrote:
> On Thursday 14 August 2008 23:34:04 Max Horn wrote:
>> > Well, then, why not just commit it?  :) 
> Actually Florian told me there's one case where we have to use files
from game 
> path instead of from inside archives, this is why I commited a slightly 
> modified version now.
> // Johannes

This issue is not really much better.

Something since 0.11.1 has slowed down the loading of Kyrandia 1 by a 
lot.  In the current code, before reaching the title screen it calls 
fopen 7456 times, taking 2 minutes 26 seconds at a black screen before 
the title screen appears.

I got rid of the multiple retries to open a file done inside 
fopenNoCase.  The result was that it now attempts to open a file 1976 
times, takes 1 minute 5 seconds to start.  Still not really acceptable.

It may have been a while since I tried running Kyra 1, but I went and 
tested it in 0.11.1 and it took 19 seconds.

- Neil

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