[Scummvm-devel] Memory/speed loss in scumm engine

Neil Millstone neil at millstone.demon.co.uk
Tue Mar 11 23:51:50 CET 2008

Max Horn wrote:
> Am 01.03.2008 um 18:56 schrieb Neil Millstone:
>> When I start up version 0.11.1 of ScummVM  I have 2020Kb free (out of
>> the DS's 4Mb) when I'm sitting at the game selector in the frontend.
>> When I start up the trunk version of ScummVM I have 1196Kb free.
>> So I have lost 824Kb and a whole lot of frame rate.  This is with the
>> exact same backend on both versions.
>> Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?
> No idea at this point. Do you have any way to determine what eats up 
> the memory?
No, debugging tools on the DS are pretty non-existent.  The only thing I 
can think of is to roll back the repository until it goes away, but that 
sounds like a dull and long-winded process.  And I don't have a lot of 
time right now, either.  The usual story.
> The issue would probably affect all ports, so it should be possible to 
> use debugging tools on any Linux/Windows/OSX machine to figure out 
> where we loose that memory, I guess...

> Any volunteers to do that? :)
That's what I'm hoping!

- Neil

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